50 More Ideas to Save Money for Your Next Big Trip

50 More Ideas to Save Money for your Next Big Trip - Featured Image

Last year, I wrote all about my first backpacking adventure and how I saved money to make it happen. Have you read it? Check it out here.

Here’s so more ideas to get you on your trip quicker!

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The Wonderful World of Perth

Guide to Perth - featured image

What many people won’t know, both of us were born in Sydney, Australia; but since living in Perth for a significant number of years, it’s where we call ‘home’. But since we haven’t lived in Perth for over two years (and home is where the heart is), we thought we’d share our love for one of the world’s most isolated cities, Perth especially since it’s where we are tying the knot❤

Despite it’s ‘negative’ award, Lonely Planet listed WA in the Top 10 best value destinations to visit in 2016 (with Fremantle coming in at #7 for best city) and the New York Times described Perth as a hipster heaven.

When we travel, I am definitely WA’s best advocate. Spreading the love and awesomeness of WA. We’ll do a WA post soon but for now, check out our list of OG things to do and see. (OG means original gangster, in case you were wondering)

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16 essential backpacking items

Backpacker Essentials - Featured image

Backpackers are perceived to be a bunch of dirty, disorganised hippies (sometimes true) but really, they’re organised and resourceful (and ridiculously good-looking😉 ). Whether you’re backpacking out of necessity (budget) or for pure enjoyment, backpackers carefully select essential items to help them along the way. Why are they essential you ask? Good question, reader! We’ll show you…

Tasmania's Overland Track
Tasmania’s Overland Track

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Travel quote of the day – 21st February 2016

Travel Quote of the Day
The real voyage of discovery consists of  not in seeking new landscapes  but having new eyes - Marcel Proust
The real voyage of discovery consists of not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes – Marcel Proust

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A Guide to Travelling with Parents

A guide to travelling with your parents
A guide to travelling with your parents
A guide to travelling with your parents

As an adult, you’ve developed your own interests, routines and experiences. You’ve survived being an adulty adult. Sure, some of this enhanced by your upbringing but you are your own person. If you’ve got parents like ours, they don’t travel as much (or make return trips to familiar destinations). I guess, somebody’s gotta stay home and check your mail!

Have you ever returned to your childhood home after living on your own? Or stayed with your parents, as an adult, for an extended time? If so, have you realised they’ve resumed ‘parent mode’ and ask you where you are going and whom with? (I can guarantee you both the parents and the adult children have complaints about this!) Look no further, this guide is definitely for you!

Airport drop-off (again)

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The Bestest Posts of 2015

My journals from our world trip

Bestest (n, adv., adj.) excellent, awesome, highest quality, successful, outdone, desirable, supreme, unbeatable, favourable, ideal, perfect, most wonderful, crème de la crème, supreme, almighty, finest, greatest…

It’s always lovely to get feedback via social media or email about our posts, whether it’s positive, constructive criticism or a suggestion. Or even a bit of travel advice. It’s especially humbling when people talk about the blog IRL (that’s in real life  for those not down with the lingo). So, thank you.

Statistics and numbers don’t mean much to us. Quality over quantity as the saying goes, and we truly believe that. So, if you enjoy what you’re reading, please let us know and of course, share it with your family, friends, neighbours, pets and random strangers (that’s what I do!). We create this blog from our love and enthusiasm for travel. And we hope it shows❤

It’s time to relive a little magic! Here are your favourite Bag Most Travelled posts of 2015:

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