5 Minutes with… Prue

Prue – Co Founder and writer at bagmosttravelled.com

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina


Name: Prue

Travel claim to fame: independently travelling since 2008; went on a year-long adventure with Rob in 2014; completed 200km of El Camino de Santiago

First travel memory: my family loves road trips! Our first big one was from Sydney to Brisbane when I was five; I did this exact route a few weeks ago with Rob! 🙂

Favourite travel destination, and why? I never have one  favourite of anything! If I HAD to pick, the Philippines village where my Mum grew up! Genuine  hospitality and kindness, delicious food, and stunning views of the Mayon Volcano!

One item you can’t live without whilst travelling: Some form of journal. I’m one of those weirdos that still enjoys physically writing, and having to change pens when the ink runs out!

What’s still on your bucket list? Plenty! Even though, we covered 24 countries just last year,  it’s made us realise that we were so fortunate to ‘cross off’ so many things from our bucket list, but it just made the list longer! SOME of my tip picks are (like I said, I find it hard to pick a favourite!): Tibet, Japan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the Northern Territory (Australia)!

If you didn’t work, what would you be doing? Full time traveller and writer, and getting paid to do it!

If you could give one piece of advice to a first time traveller, what would it be? Don’t be afraid to go somewhere (or try something) new, if you spot Coca Cola nearby, it means people have been there before you! Be confident and explore!

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From Rob's point of view
From Rob’s point of view


Prue & Belvadere, Aareschucht (Aare Gorge) Switzerland
Prue & Belvedere, Aareschucht (Aare Gorge) Switzerland


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