Ways (not) to annoy your travel companion

When travelling with someone...
When travelling with someone…

Whether you are friends, or lovers, you don’t need (or want) to spend 24/7 together no matter how much you claim to love them. You will end up loathing them at some stage especially on a long-term trip. After almost 6 years of travelling and holidays, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements, I can almost guarantee this!  As the saying goes, expect the best but be prepared for the worst… Here are our ideas that have worked over the years.

Ways (not) to annoy your travel companion

“Reading time” is our version of alone time. We’re both avid Kindle and smart phone users, so we regularly engage in silent reading time (Think kindergarten!) whether you’re reading a trashy novel, researching the next destination or updating your journal.

On the road, we don’t ‘set’ times for this but if it helps you and your travelling companion to have a bit of a schedule, then go for it!


Your phone can block out your travel companion's annoyingness
Your phone can block out your travel companion’s ability to be annoying


Go about your own routine: I’m an early riser (regardless, what time I go to bed!) and Rob needs exactly 8 hours and not a minute less. Go about your own routine. Don’t force (or harass) your travel companion to do exactly the same as you – have your shower, sort out your backpack, whatever! It can only lead to sad faces and dozing off. Of course, if you’ve got a 06.00 flight, wake your buddy up!


Make friends at your hostel, or in your tour group: You might be travelling together, but don’t be insular. Don’t be that couple – it’s annoying and awkward for others. So, introduce yourself to your dorm mates. Sit at the communal lunch tables. Join conversations with others. Swap seating arrangements on the bus. It’s really easy to just be comfortable and stick together, especially if you’ve been on the road for a while (and are tiring from telling your story again!).

Try not to look like this! My resting face is quite expressive!
Try not to look like this! My resting face is quite expressive!


Enough snacks for each of you: I suffer from becoming ‘hangry’ – that’s angry when hungry. I need snacks on a hike, on a bus, before dinner – basically all the time. If you’re going on a long-haul bus ride (Hello 30 hour bus rides in South America!), pack enough snacks for both you and your travel companion. Don’t be stingy now! If you must, have a snack bag each, so you won’t be accused of eating more than you fair share.


Make me a sandwich!
Make me a sandwich!   (Source: Pinterest)

Things to consider:

  • Communicate! Nothing like a good ‘I feel (insert your emotion here…) when you (insert annoying behaviour here…)’ statement
  • Take a deep breath and ask yourself, ‘is this worth fighting about?’
  • You want to climb a volcano, and your companion doesn’t? GO FOR IT!
  • Compromise and be considerate and flexible. Take it in turns to make decisions for the team
  • Remember that you’re on an adventure, living your dreams – Don’t take things too seriously
  • Play games – familiar with calling ‘shotgun’ when you want to ride in the front seat of a car? We call ‘Thanks for doing the dishes’. Loser has to clean up after dinner. I win all the time 🙂
  • In really extreme situations, we met someone who said his girlfriend went to another country without him!


Got any other ways to annoy (or not annoy) your travel companion? Share them with us 🙂