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YOLO. You Only Live Once...
YOLO. You Only Live Once…

I remember the first time I heard YOLO (stands for You Only Live Once); it was about 3 years ago. Bear with me, it’s probably been cool for longer than that but I’m always a little behind on these sorts of things. I thought it was a great sentiment – you really do only live once (unless you are a cat, or believe in an afterlife), so why not do the things you love, follow your dreams and be your true self? Until…

I overheard teenage conversations about doing reckless, unsafe things or just in the wrong context (My friend and I were walking along the beach when heard a young man tell his girlfriend that ‘the sunset was so YOLO’… Say, what?) The clip below from Pitch Perfect reminds me of that. (Contains coarse language and drug reference). It makes me laugh.  

  Make no mistake, sunsets are lovely. In fact, Western Australia has some of the best sunsets in the world. Big claim, yes, but still true. If you live on a Western coast of a country, you will be so fortunate to see the sun setting over the water. Do not take this for granted. Not many people actually have the opportunity to experience this! So, I want to reclaim it. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, so seize the day (Yes, another one of my favourite quotes!) – Want to travel? Want to start your own business? Want to live overseas? Want to make music? Want to build a house? Visit a place where the sun sets over the ocean? Set some goals, and do it! The possibilities are endless; you’ve just got to brave enough to go for it. I’ve wanted to travel for as long as I can remember. There’s even a story about a person who read my fortune when I was born and said I would want to travel the world (Another story for another time!). For a long time, it was just a wild dream; then I woke up and told myself “Let’s do this! Nothing is stopping you” So, after 6 years of backpacking and short-term travel (including 2 years of planning and saving), I did it – travelled the world for 12 months (with my trusty sidekick). Live big – whatever your dream, make it happen 🙂   Happy dreams, Bag Most Travelled


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