Meet Belvadere: The Ultimate Travel Companion

You might have noticed a traveller that frequents our trips. He’s fun-loving, friendly and unassuming. He’s keen for any adventure and willing to go just about anywhere. He’s even got his own hashtag! His name is Belvadere Bear ❤


Belvadere joined our little travelling family in 2012, after Prue acquired him at a Free the Bear exhibition in Perth. Belvadere has travelled far and wide, tagging along on every road adventure, island hop and multi-country trip ever since. He too, resides in the Pilbara with Prue and Rob and he’s pretty keen for them to plan another trip!



You may have even noticed that he’s a social media favourite. Gaining a humble following on Instagram via @bagmosttravelled account. Sometimes, I think he wants his own Twitter but I imagine it’ll be one of those situations like a parent buying a puppy for their kid (who’s been insisting for months that they’ll take care of the puppy), only to find the parent is doing all the dirty work. .


Belvadere is a pretty special bear to us, and even with sunburn and surviving other hash conditions, he’s determined to be our only regular travel companion. It didn’t really end well when Rob bonded with another Bear.


Belvadere and his family part of Free the Bear – a Perth-based organisation dedicated to (and passionate about) education and awareness, rescue, protection and stopping the suffering of, sun bears, Asiatic black bears and sloth bears. If you’d like one of Belvadere Bear’s cousins to become a part of your family (or you want an awesome travel buddy and support a great cause), you can find him here ❤ You definitely won’t regret it! Check out Free the Bear’s wonderful work here.


Happy travels
BMT & Belvadere Bear

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