102 reasons why travel is good for your soul

Short trip, long trip, with friends or without, near or far — doesn’t matter what type of travel, as long as you just go! Once you’ve got that idea in your head, let the dream become a reality!

Readย are 102 reasons why travel is good for the soul:


  1. Break in the routine/from the daily ground/working for the man
  2. See old friends
  3. Make new ones
  4. Visit new destinations
  5. Or return to an old favourite
  6. Find yourself
  7. Lose yourself
  8. Explore
  9. Be adventurous
  10. Experience something from another perspective
  11. Hang with the locals
  12. “Assault your senses”
  13. Find inner peace
  14. Get amongst the chaos
  15. Challenge yourself
  16. Free your mind
  17. To not take things for granted
  18. Be thankful and express gratitude
  19. Be in awe
  20. Surprise yourself
  21. Restore your faith in humanity
  22. Learn a new skill
  23. Speak another language
  24. Do a selfie in front something cool
  25. Observe wildlife
  26. Breathe fresh air
  27. Combat the wanderlust
  28. To belong
  29. See the bigger picture
  30. To escape
  31. Be happy
  32. Search for the meaning of life
  33. Start a new job
  34. Realise your full potential
  35. Use all your opportunities
  36. Meet your idol
  37. Dance like nobody’s watching
  38. See what all the fuss is about
  39. Coz you saw it on tv/youtube/film/social media
  40. Sense of achievement
  41. Cross paths with your future life partner
  42. Walk in someone else’s shoes
  43. Climb something very high
  44. Dive down deep
  45. To fly
  46. Cross borders
  47. Cross items of your bucket list
  48. Tell a story
  49. To relive the story
  50. To say “you made it”
  51. Have a financial goal
  52. Have something to spend money on
  53. Take the road less travelled
  54. Coz your soul needs food
  55. Education
  56. Make the world a better place
  57. Smile
  58. Laugh
  59. Capture a photograph
  60. To reflect
  61. To ponder
  62. Be inspired
  63. Be an inspiration
  64. Enjoyment
  65. Seek clarity
  66. Create your own path
  67. Find your destiny
  68. Add to your resume Develop new interests
  69. Pleasure
  70. Develop new interests
  71. You need a holiday
  72. Feel refreshed
  73. To realise you love your pillow
  74. Coz it’s fun
  75. You realise you knew the answer all along
  76. Be yourself
  77. Coz you clock annual leave (and you should use it)
  78. For your mental health and wellbeing
  79. Find courage
  80. Break down barriers
  81. Be one with nature
  82. Eat (everything & anything)
  83. Push yourself to the limit
  84. Realise your capabilities
  85. Know that you can handle stress
  86. Think on your feet
  87. Navigate tricky situations
  88. Live your dreams
  89. Make use of all your gadgets
  90. Coz Bag Most Travelled makes it seem wonderful
  91. Coz you’re most likely to keep in touch with people
  92. To miss your family and friends
  93. Experience beauty
  94. Walk a long way
  95. Have something to tell your (future) grandchildren
  96. So you can send postcards
  97. Barter practice
  98. See the sunset on the opposite coast
  99. …And the toilet flush in the opposite direction!
  100. Go where you’ve always wanted
  101. To meditate
  102. You only live one

Have we convinced you?ย Tell us what inspired you to start travelling and what are the reasons you’ve continued.