The Wonderful World of Perth

What many people won’t know, both of us were born in Sydney, Australia; but since living in Perth for a significant number of years, it’s where we call ‘home’. But since we haven’t lived in Perth for over two years (and home is where the heart is), we thought we’d share our love for one of the world’s most isolated cities, Perth especially since it’s where we are tying the knot ❤

Despite it’s ‘negative’ award, Lonely Planet listed WA in the Top 10 best value destinations to visit in 2016 (with Fremantle coming in at #7 for best city) and the New York Times described Perth as a hipster heaven.

When we travel, I am definitely WA’s best advocate. Spreading the love and awesomeness of WA. We’ll do a WA post soon but for now, check out our list of OG things to do and see. (OG means original gangster, in case you were wondering)

Kings Park

Kings Park is 4.06km² (1,003-acre) park located at the edge of the Perth CBD. It over looks our picturesque city and the Swan River. Home to the Botanic Gardens, Aboriginal Art Gallery, the beautiful boabs of the Kimberley and bear witness to hundreds of weddings that take place each year. Test your fitness at Jacob’s Ladder, DNA tower or join one of the many group fitness classes. Stroll through the native wildlife of all 10 WA regions (including Perth). Learn some ANZAC history and discover more about the Kokoda Track. At night, check out a film at the Moonlight Cinemas or be mesmerised by the city lights.

Boab tree from the Kimberly



Or ‘Freo’ to the locals. Long been home to the ‘other’ AFL team, Fremantle Dockers.  Check out the markets, raw/vegan/fair trade/gluten-free/[insert any food movement] eateries and quirky one of a kind boutique stores. Learn a new skill (with photography and creative writing classes), spur on the buskers, go to an exhibition or see a live gig. Don’t forget to stop in for a local brew. This is also the easiest spot to catch a ferry to the land of the quokka, Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is located 18km from Fremantle. Perth-fect for a day trip! ‘Rotto’ as its affectionately known (do you get sense us West Aussies like to shorten everything with an ‘o’?) has for many years been the go-to destination for family holidays and schoolies (leavers) week. From snorkelling to bike riding to selfies with quokkas to seaside shacks – there’s fun for everyone! (*Note: please don’t touch the quokkas or interfere with their habitat)

Swan Valley

Definitely underrated, as everyone will always suggest “going down south” (to Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton, etc – these destinations are wonderfully awesome if you’ve got time for a 2.5hr roadtrip) but the locals tend to forget the Swan Valley is only 15km from the CBD. Smooth drives, wineries, chocolate, local produce, horse riding and magical landscapes. Oh and a spot of (mini) golf! Every August, cheer loudly and proudly for those competing in the demanding Avon Descent (Rob’s a 3-time competitor). If you’re visiting from overseas, Whiteman Park gives you the opportunity to get up close with Aussie animals. There’s no reason not to love the Swan Valley ❤

Rob competing in the Avon Descent


Swan River

Opening up to the Indian Ocean in Freo and making it’s way up to the Avon River (in Avon Valley National Park). The Swan River stretches 60km, making fantastic landmarks can be enjoyed from the riverbank, such as Point Walter (Bicton), Blue Boat House (Crawley), Bell Tower (CBD), Crown (Burswood), Sandalford Winery (Caversham), Point Heathcote (Applecross), Bells Rapid (Brigadoon) and a wealth of other scenic destinations. The Swan also boasts easy walking and bike paths to get you on your way. Why not stop at any of the beautiful parklands for a picnic or to watch the world go by. You could even try your luck with a spot of fishing. The new Perth stadium is also in progress right across from East Perth.

Swan River, from the South Perth side.


Perth CBD/Northbridge Precinct

Shopping, food, entertainment. What else could you want in the CBD? How about the hosting of Fringe Festival, Perth International Arts Festival, Hopman Cup, rooftop cinemas, WA State Library, museums, the giant cactus (and other giant statues) and of course, the ‘small bar’ movement. For a humble population of 1.83million, Perth has many restaurants and cafes to cater to all budgets and taste buds. Check out the night markets, and the 24 hours eateries. Or just follow the bearded hipster, they’re bound to lead you somewhere cool*. Northbridge has undergone massive ‘gentrification’ in the last few years – home of where we went on our first date ❤ – plenty of pubs and clubs, plus FREE movie viewings and yoga classes. All the department stores and ‘retail giants’ have a store in the CBD (that’s probably the same in your own city), but Perth also has a huge following of handmade and one-of-a-kind, so watch out for events seen at Perth Upmarket, Made on the Left or on Weekend Notes. (*Note: Please don’t tell the 5-0 that I condone stalking. Coz I don’t. So please, just ask the bearded hipster kindly if you can follow them ;))

Perth CBD, Elizabeth Quay and Barrak St Jetty. Photo used with permission from B. Anderson.


Victoria Park

Just 10 minutes south of the CBD, Victoria Park (or Vic Park) is the oldest and best area ‘south of the river’. The Vic Park Strip is famous for it’s wining and dining, and of course, the local characters who’ve been around since I was a kid. Plenty of diverse eating and drinking choices. Easy access via bus/train. If you’re particularly keen, you can walk across the Causeway. Some from ‘north of the river’ will think Vic Park is far enough south. Since Vic Park is where I first lived in and worked when I moved to Perth, I gauge wherever I need to go in relation to how far is it from Vic Park 😉 (You’ll notice there’s a North vs South rivalry).

Catching up with the besties in Vic Park


Entire West Coast

Cottesloe, Scarborough, City, Port, Coogee just to name a few. Yes, I know that’s a big call to have as a ‘title’ but if you can get to anywhere along the west coast, you’ll soon realise that Perth has some amazing beaches which are made even more Perth-fect (see what I did there!?) with the sun setting over the water. Cool water and white sand (coz that’s how we roll, none of this pebbly business!). Cottesloe hosts Sculptures by the Sea and that’s saying something, the only other hosting beach is Bondi in Sydney). Just visit. You won’t regret it.

Cottesloe Beach, WA


Places we haven’t explored yet (or haven’t been for a while)

  • Elizabeth Quay
  • Hilarys
  • Mandurah
  • Midland

We’ll keep you posted. Hopefully, we’ll be able to visit one of these on our next trip down 🙂

The Bell Tower, Perth. Photo used with permission from B. Anderson.

So, if you’re not sold on the greatness that is Perth then… we can’t be friends. Haha, I’m kidding, Perth used to be known as boring or ‘wait-awhile’ but it’s come a long way in the last 10-15 years (especially after we got the Bell Tower [or two cockroaches having naked cuddles]). Check it out for yourselves and decide. Hot summers, mild winters, excellent people, tasty local produce, and plenty of fresh air and nature. What’s not to love?

One of favourite places in the world.


Have we given you a little taste of OG Perth? Are you salivating and would like more information? Have a look at these links for the most up-to-date information:

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*Please note: I have not photoshopped or edited my photos that have been posted. Perth just looks that awesome. So, go west!

See you at wedding time, people ❤

Happy days Perth