Life After Travel: The Takeover of the Mainstream

Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives
Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives…











Like any decent TV show, you might have noticed that we’ve been on a short hiatus. We’d love for travel to be what we do 24/7 but sometimes, our ‘real’ mainstream life gets in the way. However, that doesn’t mean things haven’t been going on behind the scenes (such as trip planning, blog brainstorming and the like)!

Thank you for your patience and your support. You’ll be seeing heaps of brand new content really soon! Promise!

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Why ‘Bag Most Travelled’?

Prue and Rob - Tasmania's Overland Track, Australia
Prue and Rob? Rob and Prue? You decide. Tasmania’s Overland Track, Australia

Bag Most Travelled. It’s a weird name, right? So, what does it mean?

A few months ago, when we started our blog, we thought we’d better give ourselves a name! A name that represents the travel enthusiast side of our identity. Most of you know, we don’t travel for a living (unfortunately) – we are regular people with regular jobs but might have done a bit of more travelling than a regular person. For years, we’ve been known just as Prue and Rob (both in the physical and online worlds). My name is not common, and can be hard to remember and pronounce. And let’s face it, people want others to remember their name, right?!

Macpac Backpack - Luggage - Bag Most Travelled - world trip
Prue’s backpack

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The Bucket List

Pinterest - Social Media - Bucket list - Quote
What’s on your bucket list? Source: Travelboxe (Pinterest)


What is a bucket list?
A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime

– Oxford Dictionaries


Everyone has a bucket list. It’s quite common whether you’ve put much thought into it or not. You might have it written or just in your head – things you want to do, see, touch, taste or smell before you, well, ‘kick the bucket’ (Read: die).There’s even a movie called The Bucket List (2007). Have a look at the trailer below.


You can look at your bucket list in a number of ways:

1) Far flung dreams

2) Ideas and thoughts that are really just a fantasy

3) The foundation for a future goal

4) Realistic, if you had the time and/or money

5) Never ending and constantly being updated

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Monday Morning Travel Inspiration

Travel Quote - You can't buy happiness but you can buy a plane ticket and that's kind of the same thing
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing. Source: Pinterest


No deep and meaningful post, or list, or practical know-how. Just something to get you through the working week!

Where are you dreaming of? We’re planning an international hike… 😉


Happy travels,
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Life After Travelling: Things I Missed About Home

I love a good personal reflection. It reminds me how hindsight is awesome and how I can make something better next time. Check out some realisations I had once we came home after a year of travelling.

No one realises how beautiful is to travel - Travel Quote
No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow

5 Things I missed about home (but didn’t realise until I was home)

1. Towel roughness

Yes, this sounds weird but don’t knock it. I used the same travel towel all year (and yes, I washed it regularly!). I am definitely grateful for my towel; it was full-sized but could be folded down really, really small; it never smelled bad; and it dried quickly. It even doubled as a blanket, sun shade and bum padding when sitting on the ground. But it was smooth. You could even say it was creepy smooth, like a car chamois. Long ago, a dear friend of mine told me how rough towels were her favourite; as she felt an ‘added cleanliness after a nice hot shower’; the roughness on your skin was just a comfort. Seriously, I thought she was being a weirdo until I came home and used a regular towel. It was like heaven, in the form of a cotton drying implement.

2. Having your own power point (in fact, a whole house full of them).

Something you take for granted when travelling for a year. A lot of hostels are not equipped with enough wall power points, and some guests are not as considerate to think they should share with their fellow dorm buddies. We once stayed in a 24-bed dorm with only 5 power points. I’d like to think myself as being quite considerate, so instead of creating a confrontation about low battery, I would wake up at 04.00 and plug my phone in for 2-3 hours before everyone else would wake up. Let’s face it, backpackers rarely get up for 08.00.

This could also be said about having individual lights at your bed. All backpackers know the woes of having a single light shared by dorm buddies. Something I certainly don’t miss.

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YOLO – Travel Inspiration of the Day

YOLO. You Only Live Once...
YOLO. You Only Live Once…

I remember the first time I heard YOLO (stands for You Only Live Once); it was about 3 years ago. Bear with me, it’s probably been cool for longer than that but I’m always a little behind on these sorts of things. I thought it was a great sentiment – you really do only live once (unless you are a cat, or believe in an afterlife), so why not do the things you love, follow your dreams and be your true self? Until…

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Ways (not) to annoy your travel companion

When travelling with someone...
When travelling with someone…

Whether you are friends, or lovers, you don’t need (or want) to spend 24/7 together no matter how much you claim to love them. You will end up loathing them at some stage especially on a long-term trip. After almost 6 years of travelling and holidays, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements, I can almost guarantee this!  As the saying goes, expect the best but be prepared for the worst… Here are our ideas that have worked over the years.

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