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A lot has happened since our last post. And I mean, A LOT. Six months ago, we got married! So, it’s our half-versary today 💙 I won’t gush too much about it now but will write a separate post about our wedding soon. There’s a travel ‘theme’, practical considerations, and summary of costs (especially for those of you planning your own wedding).

(Massive thank you to Perth Event Photography).

So, where did the last six months go? Yep, I’ve been thinking the same thing! (I swear, the same thing happened last year. I think there’s a pattern!) Here’s a quick recap:

  • Amazingly wonderful wedding day in Perth which doubled for my birthday and family reunion (neither of us should forget the date 😋)
  • Speedy Singapore trip to attend a work conference
  • Honeymoon to the insanely fun USA and New Zealand (Not to mention inviting some of our parents along)
  • Further exploration of the breathtaking Pilbara
  • A couple more swan-in, swan-out trips in Perth

To quote Rob, our life is pretty fricken ‘hashtagged blessed’. We’ve been travelling and spending our time with loved ones (More social, less media), so there’s scraps of paper, online journals, video and conversations to be collated and squashed together before it’ll make any sense to anybody.

We love The Blog and sharing our experiences (We thrive on travel talk!), but boy, does it take some time, energy and creative effort to produce a post. You’ll see some content real soon (and may be backdated to when it was originally written). Devastatingly, our laptop was stolen recently, which is a technological setback (I’m still in a little bit of denial, like it happened in some alternate universe)… Fortunately, we’d double, no triple, backed up our photos, so they’re all safe but we lost several posts that we were working on. If this quick post makes it online successfully, you now know it was written on a smartphone. Oooh first time for everything! Wish us luck! 🤖

So, let’s start this whole revamp again. If you don’t already follow us, check out our Instagram – it’s by far the easiest app for us to share our adventures in fun, little bursts. 

Ok everyone, there’s 26 days left of 2016. There’s trips to be planned and items to be added to the bucket list. Let’s make it count! 

Happy adventures


The Bestest Posts of 2015

Bestest (n, adv., adj.) excellent, awesome, highest quality, successful, outdone, desirable, supreme, unbeatable, favourable, ideal, perfect, most wonderful, crème de la crème, supreme, almighty, finest, greatest…

It’s always lovely to get feedback via social media or email about our posts, whether it’s positive, constructive criticism or a suggestion. Or even a bit of travel advice. It’s especially humbling when people talk about the blog IRL (that’s in real life  for those not down with the lingo). So, thank you.

Statistics and numbers don’t mean much to us. Quality over quantity as the saying goes, and we truly believe that. So, if you enjoy what you’re reading, please let us know and of course, share it with your family, friends, neighbours, pets and random strangers (that’s what I do!). We create this blog from our love and enthusiasm for travel. And we hope it shows ❤

It’s time to relive a little magic! Here are your favourite Bag Most Travelled posts of 2015:

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Meet Belvadere: The Ultimate Travel Companion

You might have noticed a traveller that frequents our trips. He’s fun-loving, friendly and unassuming. He’s keen for any adventure and willing to go just about anywhere. He’s even got his own hashtag! His name is Belvadere Bear ❤


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Why ‘Bag Most Travelled’?

Prue and Rob - Tasmania's Overland Track, Australia
Prue and Rob? Rob and Prue? You decide. Tasmania’s Overland Track, Australia

Bag Most Travelled. It’s a weird name, right? So, what does it mean?

A few months ago, when we started our blog, we thought we’d better give ourselves a name! A name that represents the travel enthusiast side of our identity. Most of you know, we don’t travel for a living (unfortunately) – we are regular people with regular jobs but might have done a bit of more travelling than a regular person. For years, we’ve been known just as Prue and Rob (both in the physical and online worlds). My name is not common, and can be hard to remember and pronounce. And let’s face it, people want others to remember their name, right?!

Macpac Backpack - Luggage - Bag Most Travelled - world trip
Prue’s backpack

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Starting a blog


The story behind our stories

Travel blogging inspiration
Never lacking inspiration


A year and half ago, we wanted to start a blog. A blog that detailed our backpacking adventures. We had planned to travel for 12 months visiting countries and doing things that we had on our bucket lists. So, why not document our journey, so that we could share it with our friends and families?! As we planned and prepped, other priorities took over – packing up the house, finalising work, travel research and bookings, Christmas and catching up with everyone before we left. We came to the conclusion that we couldn’t maintain a blog regularly enough to do ourselves and our ‘followers’ justice. We also didn’t have access to wifi for more than 12 weeks of our journey due to remoteness of our locations. Not to mention sharing it with hundreds of other backpackers in hostels! (Besides, blogging is our hobby and not our livelihood, so we were out in the physical world experiencing things it had to offer)

So, we put the blog on hold, and divided our social media tasks between us. I created a Facebook group called ‘Travel Adventures of Prue and Rob’ (now, out of commission since launching this blog, Bag Most Travelled) and Instagram (We were @prueandrob and now renamed, @bagmosttravelled. Rob managed our Flickr and Trip Advisor accounts. We updated these as often as we could, but not over pursuing our physical and emotional experiences of our gap year.

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Social Media: Pinterest

Looking for tips, tricks, and a tale or two?

Look no further than Bag Most Travelled’s Pinterest! We’ve gathered and pinned our favourite stories and photos all in one place. Follow us today on Pinterest 🙂

Screenshot of Bag Most Travelled’s Pinterest Profile

Happy pinning, Bag Most Travelled